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Updated: Sep 17, 2020

We are in the most concerning times in history. The Corona Virus has brought not just sickness and death but the monumental reason for us to question ourselves.

We now ask.

what have we done? what can we do? How should we live from here on in?

Aside from those curiosities there is division.


These sides represent the conformers and non conformers.

The people who are committed to distancing and staying home and those who are committed to getting back to life.

Both sides are relative.

My humble opinion is LIFE shall never be the same. If only marginally altered.

I feel that margin will be considerable enough for it to be classified as change.

The reason we are in the circumstance we find ourselves in right now is thinking and action.

What we thought was acceptable and how we did it.

Of course I am talking about the standards of the food culture in Wuhan. The cause of this virus.

While its mostly unique with Chinas low standard of sanitary laws and allowing wet markets.

Poor food and health behaviour can be found all over the world.

The Pandemic has proven we must do better in every way.

During the evolution of time we have developed more efficient ways to acquire our food.

This has lead to the convenient delivery system. It has been great in terms of every household having access to food instantly and at an affordable cost. This luxury as I see it as being, has come with moral, ethical charge to the planet and our health. I have personally availed of mentioned but during the last ten years I have become more informed about food & health.

Makes us feel that we have not progressed at all.

We have.

It is simply that certain parts of the world chose to fail by not moving away from tradition and ignore scientific facts. Supply and demand supersedes sensibility.

There is the question also of politics and religion and that argument is futile. As neither can be supported or practiced if we do not make the human race the successor in the Covid 19 war!

So what do we do?

It would appear that distancing while obvious, works and only when its truly observed.

The image of masks everywhere initially was bizarre and surreal certainly here in the United States. Then even more so when only some masks can be seen.

It provides a living graph of who cares who doesn't.

I do know that frontline workers are dedicated, suffering and dying in order to win for us.

I say we follow their leadership and apply the message of mask - wash - distance

while also modifying our own habits for safety and health.

Even if the circumstance are doubtful for you. Follow your instinct and get the best data you can for the decision you need to make. ENGAGE has allows been about helping you make informed dynamic decsions to improve your life. Media does not have this as its first prioirty.Their focus is ratings predicated by drama. Yes, they inform but they also deform. This includes the outlets I like to watch and listen to.

Make your life the focus. establish good sources for information. Adapt your behaviour.

Do not accept fear mongering . While ENGAGE recognizes fear we dismiss it and always establish conditions to overcome it.

This is a time to demonstrate your capacity for change to overcome life's challenges.

Finally. If you choose sides you are not choosing Y O U

Now is the time for you , your health and future.

The next decision you make depends on it.

You can do it.



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