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Aaron Anthony Kennedy

I was Born in Dublin Ireland in 1973!

My Dad was from the countryside and my mom from the capital,Dublin.

I was raised  in a very loving environment and taught  the value of people and good conduct.

My Dad was a mechanic and also a singer most nights of the week with his show band.

This was  a huge influence to me in becoming a musician. A Drummer.

Also this inspired me to work hard and appreciate the advantages and opportunity that comes from hard work.

My dad always worked tirelessly to ensure myself and my two sisters had what we needed.

He would say put your best foot forward and help others.

In time I would join his band from an early age and this would give me incredible experience and a platform to learn to be professional, organized and successful.

For ten years I was my Dad's drummer, backup singer and assisted with managing the shows.

This period in my life was invaluable for my development as a man making his way.

Following that time I joined many bands and projects continually evolving in my music and personal development.

My experience would eventually lead to me scouting talent and managing bands and after many great experiences I have mentored bands and artists.

I love this work.

During this time I founded Drumming Academy in 1999.

My drum school. I had studied with the great John Wadham in Dublin for years. He was incredibly supportive to me and later in his life I took care of him.

The Drumming Academy was to offer contemporary drum lessons and I tailored lessons to every student. The logo and mascot for DA is based on my dear friend Ricky Lawson. Drummer for  (MICHEAL JACKSON WHITNEY HOUSTON ERIC CLAPTON PHIL COLLINS AND MANY MORE) whom I had always admired.

I rendered this before we met and had been friends. When I told him years later he was highly flattered.

RICKY would call me eery Friday no matter where he was on the world when touring and always finished the call with 


I guess this was my first run at my own branding.

This has been very successful and I have worked with possibly a few thousand drummers all over the world. Many are still with me after years of tuition. DA soon became a business and I needed to be and still need to be very organized to manage it. At one point I was teaching 7 days a week in between live work and studio work on drums.

My interest in being enterprising came from many many sources.

The musicians and bands I admired, the actors, authors and TV personalities.

Inventors , creators and sports champions.

My curiosity basically stems from how great humans can be and what lends itself from that. The 80's was a time of technology presenting itself to create a better and entertaining world. I was all about this. So when I could . I'd at least experience the tech even if I could not afford it.

My generation had music on vinyl and cassette. LPs were great sounding but like cassette as a medium were easily broken forever. TV channels were limited in Ireland and the programming also. Radio was amazing for me. I still enjoy radio very much. Again, back to the human interaction. Years later I would perform, advertise and be interviewed on radio.

As time progressed and I earned more and I could slowly become part of the tech world. Fast forward to Cell phones and I was fully immersed in this as we all were. The idea of communicating on the move was amazing. This was an idea years before reserved for sci-fi movies. In time I would partner with friends and we would become re sellers of cell phones and contracts. This was a great time. I worked for a telecommunications Co in Dublin for 6 months to learn how the global service mobile and data worked.

Side note * one of my drum students in Ireland was part of a team who created SMS text messaging!!!


I love cars and my dad and I always enjoyed being around them.

Brendan was a mechanical engineer for OPEL for many years until motivated by my mom Marion to start working for himself.

He bought and sold cars and influenced me to do the same. His dream was always to own a Mercedes and eventually he got his first one in the 80's and drives one to this day.

It was a great day for the whole family and inspired me towards Mercedes.

I have also owned several. Specifically the AMG performance models. For me they convey passion and freedom . Mercedes and Porsche are my favorite auto brands.

While working at night in music  through Ireland and afar I also became part of the automotive world. 

I love cars & motorcycles. The design, the tech and the emotion of the drive.

Selling cars is a tough business I think everyone should try it once. :)

I worked for a few years selling Nissan. During the day I would work at the dealership and teach drums and perform music at night.

When it works its very gratifying. I was partnered for a while with a dealership in Ireland .

Everyday a challenge and we had great success. It's still open today and has several brands.

During my time in the motor industry I was trained in finance, sales techniques and marketing.

For me it was grounding for interpersonal skills and the art of customer care and negotiation.

My passion for people and success was growing all the time.

In 1998 the .com boom grabbed me and I became partner and development manger for our website design and consultancy firm. This was very successful and I grew the business until I felt I wanted a new challenge and to continue in music and business. That period for me gave me insight to the importance of I.T. within business and how its impact socially. 

At this time I would like to mention that Martial arts is also a big part of my life and from the age of 7 I practiced studied ,competed and taught Martial arts. I am a Black belt and  was Open Champion several times, Regional , EASTERN and Irish National Kick boxing champion.

I taught and still do today. My Sensei Eamon Quigley trained me for best part of 20 years and is a great source of inspiration and motivation to me.

Martial arts gave me pride and confidence. 

Martial arts also harnessed  my dedication and commitment.

I teach and practice still today!

In 2001 after my web design gig. I formed an event management team with friends 

"Phaze" & "The Crowd pleasers" This was located in southern Ireland and we ran big nights with DJ's.pop groups and celebrity appearances. I also at this time had been running a personal security consultancy.That came out of my martial arts profile. 

That same company would also audit risk at venues and events.

I sold that to a friend and he specializes in personal protection now.

RhythmSaint        my alter ego and stage name  came to me in 2000.

I guess it represents me and my talent and dedication to drumming and music.

I sketched the character and had a pro render it .The same guy who did "Bash' for drumming academy.

RS is my identity as an artist on drums and within everything I do in music.

I am fortunate to be supported and endorsed by the biggest companies in music.

please follow the link  to my profile on one of my companies to get an overview

The first company to sign me as an artist and ambassador for their brand was Vic Firth.

This was a game changer and I am still grateful today. Vic has been amazing to me proving that if you do good work you will attract good attention and opportunity. I have my own line of sticks and have visited the factory to see them being made. " Perfect pair"

These companies empower what I do not only in my drumming and performing but also in my objective to educate and inspire others in success through you as a brand.

I have taken many courses in , writing, psychology, behavioral studies, communications , security, business management ,online marketing and more.

I have a respect and passion for knowledge.

During any year I often offer myself to service or businesses maybe outside of my acumen to test myself and gain knowledge. Through this I have met amazing people and developed to have a broader understanding of many industries and how they operate.

Music and the entrepreneur in me inspires me to take charge take risk and be the best I can be.

In between all my activities and life I engaged in singing solo, owning a gadget company, audio hire ,a recording studio and many other endeavors.

To me  it's the challenge while also securing profit.

I married and an amazing woman from the USA .  Nicole.

whom I met in Ireland.

Of course while I was working an event.

We have three amazing kids Alyssa Paige and Mason who I adore and try to inspire everyday.

I am in the middle of my book which will document and my life and my positive perspective.

These days people invest in me and I am currently active in music, business advice , mentoring and product marketing and personnel services.

All of this has inspired me to establish ENGAGE

Who knows what's next...........

I hope I can be part of your next chapter

Aaron kennedy



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Aaron kennedy Drummer-educator-Clincian-Mentor

Just trying to make you proud

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