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" I want to be part of your  Success "

Aaron Kennedy

Aaron has a broad background which is advantageous to his clients and associates.
His acolades can be found within the Music Industry, Sport, Automotive, Telecommunications,Marketing,
Product Development and Distrubtion.
Aaron has had great success empowering others to develop themselves and their business.
Whether you are in business sport music or any arena Aaron kennedy is experienced to drive you the next level.
Success is within and can be unlocked.

Through his TRUE SELF  , MOVE TO IMPROVE  , BREATHE & FOCUS FRIDAY programs you can achieve hyper performance ,happiness and success.

Aaron shares his experience , positivity, motivation & inspiration.
Participants in groups or individuals gain methods & techniques to reach their full potential.
Aaron is available for :
*Motivational Seminars
*keynote speeches-  "Be Present Meet Success"
*Business Development Clinics
*Private Coaching and Artist development.
*Branding ambassador &  product development

"Having a positive attitude is the key to open & unlock opportunity"

For more info and to book Aaron today: 
"Before anything preparation is the key to Success"

- Alexander Graham Bell 


"This is a new website set up by a great friend of mine and a constant inspiration to myself and countless others. He has a unique way of motivation and his zeal and outlook are nothing short of amazing

As the website suggests Aaron invites people to engage the universe , set goals, strive for and achieve your true and full potential.

I cannot recommend his personal mentoring and motivational sessions enough. Check out his site and if you need help to "be the best you that you can be" , then Aaron can help you achieve your dreams. Thanks for all the help over the last number of years Aaron. Please people , go and check out his new site".

- Gavan Muldoon ( Sligo, Ireland )








Anyone... literally ANYONE looking for that extra push in life, help getting on the right track. Aaron Kennedy's Engage The The Universe is definitely the way to go. Any career path, any goal, organization , you name it. This Man will give you his all to make sure you get to where you want to be! Life is to short and precious, Get motivated and Engage!!!!

- Cory Splain  ( Berwick ,Pennsylvania )


One of my best mates and has been a constant inspiration and help to me for many years. 
One hour with him will give you a new focus and a new lease of life. 
He is also a world class drummer who could tell a story or two about our younger days

- David Griffith ( Dublin, Ireland )


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