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Change encourages Life

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

During this very testing time in history. We are all being displaced and our lives controlled by government measures to fight something we cannot see.

While the threat is very much real and the consequences grave.There is the added anxiety for many who are struggling with this. Most do not do well with being told what to do. Myself included.

We have become increasingly more in control of our lives and careers.

Now we wait each day and week to find out if we can live as we lived before.

Life is already a challenge on every level from employment to health. Just when an economy appears to become buoyant there is an economic crash. So we adapt, hold back and refrain from over spending. We move the chess pieces around the board in order to make ends meet and attempt to hold on to a lifestyle we created. When we achieve that. One country invades another and we have global unrest and concern. Travel becomes limited and we adapt.

Every country, every city, every home has its difficulties. The weight of uncertainty and the unknown unsettles families and it becomes the conversation.

This dynamic makes its way out into communities and neighborhoods. Now its a collective tension.

Individuals and groups make to the streets to vent their pain and frustrations only to cause more unrest and new problems to deal with. Protests turns to riots and cities on fire turning to arrests of those who may have never been in trouble before.

While tempers are justified and a message needs to be voiced.


But this is not the first time in history we have been challenged to this extent.

Many survived by being tenacious and determined.

In essence. They changed.

Changed their thinking,changed their action, changed focus!

Resistance to change has become part of the human condition.

In the past we were not afforded the luxury of options other than each day being a day of a hunting gathering existence. As the centuries past by we steadily became what is known today as entitled, fortunate and bearing abundance! I recognize this in my life. For which I am grateful.

So ,for us now to now be restricted , without and unsure about whats next. It gives us a sense of insecurity.

All that said. We as humans have proved over and over again we have the capacity for massive change and the ability to overcome and succeed.




In terms of today this means gaining the true evidence and nature of what is happening in your life and the world. Reworking your life to navigate around and past the events or conditions that may impact you are yours negatively.

Taking full control and action of each day and your activities in order to maximize potential and remain safe, well and importantly!

Also, and admittedly I have struggled in the past with this. Emotional stability.

Making decisions big and small through intuition and instinct rather than with the heart.

It is vital to develop fast decision making in order to facilitate more immediate positive change.

This change along with a great sense of purpose and execution will present you with the new reality that you are in a "transition of change".

Change brings balance. Balance brings you to the world as you wish it to be.

Every moment is an opportunity to change.

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