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Self belief often is difficult to establish within ones self. We are constantly surrounded by those who doubt and mediums attempting to undermine our confidence and will to become our higher self.

Yet , why do those who cast negative dispersions on us have what they want?  Do what they want to do?

Because they want control and less competition within that space. Never allow anyone or anything to retain you in negative thought. Never allow people's insecurity within themselves to suffocate your dreams and wishes to grow and become great. Belief can become the biggest part of you and bring you to incredible happiness. If you can see where you want to be you can encourage yourself to make the move and change to get there. If you can believe you have the will, the ability and fortitude to grasp the world it can be all that you want. If you can see it, see the life, see the people around you, see the job, see the new location you can reside, see the success. Then it will and can be so. Adopt an I BELIEVE thought process each day.


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Hope should be seen as accessibility not exclusivity.

The idea of Hope lends itself to something distant. Something unattainable. Yet the truth is.  

Hope is with you! Every moment everyday. while it may not manifest itself physically it is there.

Ever present . In your spirit.  In your will. In your strenght.In your ambition.

In all that you have ever cared about. In the dreams and aspirations you have had for life and what it has to offer.

In moments of doubt take some time to know that hope is there to guide and empower you to get to where you want to be.

Without Hope there would be no life & no world for you to be within.

The world wants you.

Embrace the day. Embrace your life. Embrace you!

Engage Hope.

Aaron Kennedy "RhythmSaint"

Truth in Lies

As you journey through life seek out the inner truth all around you.

See the joy in knowing. Be a vessel of knowledge. Discover new horizons through the pursuit of what makes up where you are from and where you are going. Never fear the unknown or misunderstood. 

Postion yourself where all becomes clear and real. Question uncertainties in situations and in others.

A word shared does not always make it so. A gift given may also be a  gift taken.

The truth in a lie is the truth you need to grow and become enlightened. The only promise you follow is your own to yourself. 

Never accept a lie . Never lie to yourself.

It is better to be your True Self than a version another has chosen for you.

This moment brings great strength and the power within you to become all that you can be.

Truth in lies is simply the manifestation of weakness in someone to renege from being honest and attempting to shackle your control of progress within you and the universe.

The moment you own this lie you may now move forward positively with hope , honor , a clear conscience and a full heart.

The lie has given you the truth you need.

It is the same sky above us all.

You chose now how you wish to be beneath it.

Truthful. Inspired. Happy

Be Proud

Self doubt and insecurity can paralyze the dreams within us and prevent us from being our True selves. When you wake. say " I am proud of who I am and what I bring to the world. Pride is achieved through good endeavors and a sense of accomplishment but also via great choices in life.

Pride in you radiates outward to also affect others positively. For another to witness your self pride can attract friendship , opportunity and reward.

Be proud . Be you. Be Happy.

Aaron Kennedy "RhythmSaint"

"The attitude you have entering every situation influences the outcome" 

                                             - Aaron kennedy

Present yourself to the world

The world responds to what is before it. It also accepts those who are assertive and positive. each day present yourself to the world with all your talents open mind and full spirit. Be the best you can be. Introduce you and all you want to those around you. Be Honest. Be be proud. be accepted and successful in all situations by offering kindness and strength in all that you do. Interesting people attract interested people.

Be impressed . Make an impression.

Engage the Universe.


Aaron Kennedy "RhythmSaint" 

First Thought of the Day

In order to find contentment in your work and in your life you must seek what inspires you.

Some are inspired by money others by attention and many by simply knowing the wolves are from the door.

Having a control on the other side of your life is not a good thing. My focus has always been  to take value in every moment and every experience. Whether it is an idol chat with a stranger in a cab about the world or the interaction with your choice of clothes to wear to a dinner that evening.

Be aware you are alive and in any moment there is potential for a great chance, a great occurance which can change your life for the better forever in those seconds.

This is the Universe potential. Aligning with the potential within you and your ability to make postive and influencial change.

Everyday is a gift.

Every moment open to your embrace and ready to provide you with what seems impossible.

Do not haste. Extend to the world this very moment.

Engage the universe.

Aaron Kennedy "RhythmSaint"


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